Various technologies we employ:

Modern dentistry employs many new technologies that improve diagnosis and treatment. At Portnoy & Tu, we take full advantage of recent developments in microprocessor and laser science to make your dental care and treatment less invasive and more comfortable. This committment to technological innovation and excellence often enables us to spot problems before they require more extensive remedies. Below, we've listed some of the state-of-the-art equipment we use to provide our patients with the very best in modern oral health care.


This equipment uses a laser to detect hidden cavities that would have previously required drilling to discover.

In recent years, fluoridation in water has improved the hardness of tooth enamel, generally helping to resist tooth decay. One side effect, however, is that cavities that would once have been visible on the surface are now hidden below this hard surface enamel. Without DIAGNodent, a suspicious problem tooth would require x-rays or even invasive treatment -- all to diagnose a problem that may not even exist! HIdden cavities can now be accurately diagnosed using this tool, without damaging the tooth in the process.

The graphic shows how conventional instruments cannot reach some suspect areas in teeth. DIAGNOdent has the great advantage of detecting cavities in the very early stage by measuring the laser fluroescence within the tooth structure, returning reliable and precise results without x-ray exposure.

ISOLITE system

IsoliteWe use the Isolite system whenever possible during the majority of dental procedures. The mouthpiece provides illumination inside your mouth (not in your eyes!) and removes fluids and debris during treatment. It also isolates the treatment area from the rest of your mouth and throat, and supports your jaw so you don't have to strain to keep your mouth open, making procedures faster and more comfortable than ever before.

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DEXIS Digital Radiograph

xrayThis device replaces the chemically-produced film x-rays of the past. The DEXIS has a tiny digital sensor that features a high-resolution, x-ray sensitive version of the chip used in digital cameras. It is placed inside your mouth to provide instant x-ray images while reducing your exposure to radiation. Because there is no waiting for film development, appointments are faster, and the entire process is safer and much more environmentally-friendly.

DEXcam 3 Intra-oral video camera

Explaining your treatment is an important part of what we do. We believe you deserve to know exactly what we intend to do and where the problems lie. The intra-oral camera lets us show you in real-time what we're talking about, and provides us with images for your patient record.

Dentrix GURU

Our goal is to empower our patients to take charge of their own dental health, but you can't do that unless you fully understand the risks and benefits of your treatment options. Making informed decisions requires access to the information you require, and a thorough understanding of what the treatments involve. GURU is an educational video system that provides you with detailed information regarding the treatments we provide. The video presentations explain each procedure clearly and comprehensively through the use of images and animations.

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